Getting Started & FAQs

How much time do you need?

As with everything else that goes into planning a successful wedding, you want to devote special attention to your evening of dancing together. We suggest that you begin your dance instruction about four to six months ahead of time, so that you are able to enjoy the experience of learning how to dance together. But if you’re already past that point, there’s no time like the present to start!  

Which type of instruction is best, group or private?

We will help you determine your specific dance goals and needs and then create your personal dance planner. Our mission is that you look and feel confident during your first dance and really enjoy your music and dancing throughout the wedding!

Group Instruction

The six-week group classes generally explore one or two different social dances, where you will learn several basic patterns and focus on the techniques of leading and following. During these classes, you’ll be changing partners regularly. By the end of the session, you should be able to identify the different rhythms of the dances, dance the basic steps with one another and navigate the dance floor smoothly.

Special Wedding Preparation Workshops

These are one hour in length and meet once a week for three weeks. These classes are designed for wedding couples and bridal party members. Instruction will focus on basic partnering skills and simple dance patterns in various Ballroom Dances and Swing Dancing. The emphasis is getting everyone to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor! You will not be changing partners in these workshops.

Private Instruction

If you are interested in preparing for your first dance with a specific piece of music, we suggest private instruction. We will then help you decide how to approach your first dance. From your first lesson to your last, we will carefully select the best movement and patterns for you. You may want to keep it simple and improvise a few standard dance steps, or we can create a more structured and beautifully choreographed wedding dance. Whichever direction you decide to go with, we guarantee your experience with us will be rewarding and positive. You will be very prepared for your special event and look and feel confident during your first dance and throughout the wedding.  

Are you experiencing problems selecting music?

If you don’t already have “your song” for your first dance, we will be happy to assist you with your music selection. Whether you are looking for a traditional Waltz, a passionate Tango, or a lively Swing song, we will guide you in finding the music that is uniquely representative of the two of you. We will also make suggestions and help you develop a playlist for the wedding and your DJ.

You can also bring the demo CD from your orchestra or your DJ’s playlist and we will help you determine what type of dance goes with the various songs.

Wedding packages for the bride, groom and wedding party.

You may want to include semi-private lessons for yourselves, your parents and the wedding party in your dance planner. These lessons will give you an opportunity to rehearse dancing with anyone else who is involved in your special day. If you decide that you really want the dancing to be a strong focal point that includes all of your guests, consider having a dance lesson given during the reception. This usually motivates everyone to get on the dance floor and enjoy your music! Please inquire about our discounted wedding packages that include a combination of group and private lessons.

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